Solution[H+] Environmental geochemistry and mine water management

Salt balance

Environmental Geochemistry and Mine Drainage Management

Return water dams capture saline water draining from tailings

Return water dams capture saline water draining from tailings



Solution[H+] contributed to mine water management at a platinum mining facility in the Northwest Province of South Africa.

Working with a water balance model Solution[H+] traced the sources and sinks of salinity in the mine water circuit. Detailed sampling, geochemical, and seepage analysis indicated that the tailings facilities removed significant masses of salt. This knowledge helped inform the Client's decision on water management, which saved millions of rands.

<<The analytical detail as part of the review was key to the project. You successfully identified the gaps to enable [the Client] to understand not only their environmental salt balance requirements, but also the gaps to understand their operational salt balance. The report was well written and the data and results from the geochemical analysis well captured. The Client's feedback was that they will again make use of our team, with you the team leader for the geochemical work>>