Solution[H+] Environmental geochemistry and mine water management

Waste rock

Environmental Geochemistry and Mine Drainage Management

This windblown hilltop in Turkey is set to become a gold mine

This windblown hilltop in Turkey is set to become a gold mine



Solution[H+] has contributed dozens of geochemistry studies to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) of proposed mines in Turkey, Ethiopia, and other African countries.

For an Ethiopian project, Solution[H+] interpreted geochemical analysis data relating to rock samples from the site. Waste rock was found to contain iron and manganese carbonates, which can neutralise acidity deep in the rock pile, but the resulting seepage can acidify when seepage leaves the pile and enters open air.  Proactive waste and water management is required by the mine.

<<I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work delivered for the [Ethiopian project] ESIA. This has been a challenging project due to the timeframes imposed on it and because much of the project description information was coming through [...] rather late! Despite these challenges, we managed to deliver the project to the client precisely to schedule and at a quality that he was very happy with>>