Solution[H+] Environmental geochemistry and mine water management
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Water quality prediction

Environmental Geochemistry and Mine Drainage Management

Environmental drilling and sampling on site

Environmental drilling and sampling on site



Solution[H+] evaluated the potential quality of drainage from tailings, waste rock, and ore at a proposed mine in Tanzania.

A geochemical sampling and analysis programme provided the data to characterise the materials and estimate drainage quality from the tailings dam, waste rock dump, and ore stockpile. Colleagues provided a water balance for each of these sub-catchments and proposed retention dams. Using, the modelled water volumes and geochemical modelling, Solution[H+] developed a "snapshot" of water chemistry in the proposed dams at four milestones in the assumed life of mine. The water quality estimates fed into the feasibility study for the mine, especially the potential for reuse of captured water in the process plant. 

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